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Thank  you so much for visiting my website! My name is Adriana Hanganu and my overwhelming passion is graphic design. I live in Spain close to a very famous and beautiful mountain called Montserrat, which is located near Barcelona.

My daily work brings me a variety of design projects, but I get the greatest satisfaction doing graphic and editorial design with the authors. I say ‘with the authors’, because I think iterative interaction with them reflects powerfully upon the resulting cover. I like to learn what the author thinks and feels about the book they have written, because I then get to help them with everything from designing a beautiful cover, to advise with their book promotions and, in general, help them to get the finished work out into the world and appealing to its readers.

I have quite a lot of experience working in the editorial and design world and I am well aware of the importance of the right cover for your book. When we get to work together, you will discover that my work is produced with great thought and attention to detail. I use a complimentary palette and expressive array of fonts and typography. What I will be seeking for your book is a clear and suggestive communication of the story you have written, so I will need to know any ideas you may already have so I can design it accordingly. I know it has taken months or even years to write your book so, working together, let’s wrap it in the perfect cover and then build you a professional author presence to show to the world.

I sincerely believe that every book must have a unique identity; it needs to be attractive and eye-catching – my job is to make a cover for you that calls out to readers and makes them want to pick up your book from the shelf with a desire to read it before they even open the first page!

On the subject of an author’s online presence, I also enjoy building an author’s website and/or blog in order to showcase their work and present it to readers.  I can help you do whatever is needed to make your book a success – you do the writing and I will design!

I love taking on new projects so I am looking forward to hearing from you. I know you worked hard on your book, so let’s give it the perfect finishing touches. If you have anything in mind, or have any questions, send me an email so we can begin to discuss your ideas; let me help you become a bestseller.


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