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You have written your story. You have read it and reread it what feels like a thousand times, changing, tweaking, improving it until it is as near perfect as can be, your editor found the last few changes and now you are ready to wrap it in a cover that will draw the readers towards it as it calls out from the bookshelf or from the pages of Amazon. Having a beautiful cover is very important, it can mean the difference between mediocre sales and a runaway bestseller.

A custom cover is something that I will create exclusively for you, it will be as individual to you as the story in your book.

Just as you have invested huge amounts of time and ability into writing your book, as a professional designer, I will invest as much time and effort as necessary into producing you a cover that you can be proud of, one that will set your book apart and be exclusively yours. To both my clients and I, it only makes sense to complete a magnificent work with a magnificent cover, this undertaking is my passion. Read More

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